Ayuheal  Patch

Ayuheal Patch

Better wound management using different herbal drugs loaded wound dressing materials has been discussed.

The wound healing is a complex phenomenon and it passes through mainly three overlapping phases, where cell to cell and cell to matrix interactions take place.

Due to complexity of the wounds, different types of dressing materials are required for faster healing.

The traditional herbal medicines have a long history of wound management but often their low bioavailability decrease bioavailability decreases their efficacy.

The encapsulation of herbal drug in polymer matrix increases their efficiency for wound healing.
Amongst modern dressing materials, hydrogels, polymeric films and scaffolds have the capability to load very high concentration of drug and also have the ability to release them in a controlled and sustained manner which is essential for optimal therapeutic concentration. Further, they have the capability to absorb the exudates, pass the oxygen and also help the cells to be attached and proliferate.

In-vivo and clinical studies show better healing efficiency of the herbal drug loaded dressing materials as compared to pure drug or pure dressing materials Electro spun scaffold has been developed using biodegradable polymer and age old herbal drug for efficient wound healing patch with much better patient compliance. Positively charged smaller particle size (40nm) of the drug has been prepared for greater penetration through epidermal barrier to enhance the wound healing activity of drug. Controlled drug release has been understood in terms of interactions between the components through spectroscopic techniques and calorimetric studies.

In-vivo study using albino rats shows better wound healing efficiency of scaffold in terms of higher wound area contraction, minimum inflammation, faster epithelialisation and vascularisation. Cellular studies also endorse the scaffold as better biomaterial. Clinical studies also demonstrate fast healing of different type of wounds in presence of all three wound dressing materials with histological evidences. The complete biodegradation of the patch confirms its green nature of the developed patch